We Supply And Fit Tyres

Any tyre size, any make for any vehicle, whether the wheel is on the vehicle or your spare. From budgets to premium’s, run flats and multi-surface tyres, we cover the full range. We take pride in our work so your alloys are safe with us! We purchase thousands of tyres and pass the discounts off by buying in bulk directly back to our customers!

Punctures have a nasty habit of hitting when they are least expected. However, where possible, we can carry out and perform puncture repairs, which works out at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole tyre, saving you even more time, money and get you back on the road moving quicker.

To help reduce the wear on your tyres there are a few things to take into consideration. Potholes are everywhere here in the UK and sometimes there is no avoiding them, however where possible go around them or slow down going over them. Keeping to the speed limits, and extending your braking distances will also help put less pressure on your tyres. Ensuring that your tyres are inflated to the correct level will also extend their lifetime. To know what the correct pressure is, you will find this in your handbook or written on the inside of the car door. For those that use their vehicles for work, remember not to overload your vehicle and over/under-inflate your tyres. This can cause irreversible damage to them and you will find yourself going through a fair few sets every year!

<h2>We Supply And Fit Tyres</h2>
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